Dailies 2009-2010 A Year in the Life - Kara Stewart, Art in Photography
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November 21, 2010

Swirls in a Glass

I shot this yesterday in my garage as a 'quickie' kind of thing, but I am pleased with the result! I know, it's too early for Christmas shots, but I've been working on revamping my site and I wanted some holiday shots in the new galleries.

I've been working on the site for hours this weekend, and while some things are working fine, others are ummm...... difficult. I renamed some of the galleries in my drop down menu and moved the galleries to make it more user/shopper friendly (hopefully). I also created a new gallery - Fast Fabulous Shopping, for streamlined shopping. Not all links are working perfectly at the moment, but hopefully by the end of the day...


EDITOR'S PICK, betterphoto.com, December 2010, Catch-All

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