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October 29, 2010

Green Apples Pop

Thanks for all the pumpkin comments! I really appreciate it. And Karina - I know, right? The tip of the stem not in focus drives me bonkers about that shot. Always striving for perfection . . . ah, the life of the photo addict! And I DO really appreciate tips and pointers like that - it helps me improve my photography.

Thought I'd give the orange a break today with green apples from the NC State Fair. I really like the metal enamel old-timey bowls that these apples were displayed in by the NC Agriculture Commission. Reminds me very much of bowls my grandmother used to have and use.

Not quite sure why I did this processing on this shot - I think probably because the shot wasn't sharp enough or 'perfect' enough as a straight shot, so I began playing with it. This is using the Topaz Adjust photo pop filter. I do like the way it came out, but I need to go through the rest of my State Fair shots to see if there is a better apples shot I could leave as a straight shot.

Have a great day, everyone - it's Friiiiiiiday!


EDITOR'S PICK, betterphoto.com, October 2010, Catch-All

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