Images from 2012 (dailies) - Kara Stewart, Art in Photography
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August 12, 2012

Dave at Work

This is another one of my dearest friends that I was able to visit with on my recent trip back to West Chester (PA). We were getting ready for his and his brother's birthday party and stopped in to his work to pick up his cake (he's a chef). He was dressed for the party in his kilt (as was his brother and many others) since he plays in Brian Boru Pipes and Drums . Band in junior high is actually how we met - he was a drummer back then too!

At any rate, I took the opportunity of him being both in his kilt and at work to take this portrait of him. Since I haven't used my camera much at all in the last few months, the quality of the shot wasn't good, so I played with it. I ended up quite liking the bleach bypass filter on Color Efex for this image.

8165brian boru