Dailies 2009-2010 A Year in the Life - Kara Stewart, Art in Photography
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July 19, 2010

The Flower Stall

Yesterday I just finished working on another batch of images from my parents' visit over July 4th weekend. This was another one from the NC Farmer's Market in Raleigh. I'm normally philosophically a 'no frame' person as far as putting frames on in software, but I like this one - not quite sure why.

I did a lot to this photo. I desaturated the background behind the flowers (some of the clothes the background people were wearing were bright colors and distracting to the flowers), then increased the light levels/contrast on the flowers to make them pop a little more (to give more contrast between the background and the flowers). Then I added noise to give it a grainy feel and added the frame. I like how it turned out.


EDITOR'S PICK, betterphoto.com, July 2010

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