Dailies 2009-2010 A Year in the Life - Kara Stewart, Art in Photography
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August 31, 2010

Thanks for all your kind comments on yesterday's shot! I got home from a loooong day and it was such a treat to have your thoughts. :)

Today's shot is a more accurate representation of the mare, along with a foal. And again, this was the less well nourished of the two bands of wild horses on Shackleford Banks, NC. http://www.shacklefordhorses.org/

We were reassured that they are fine. They have been here and survived hurricanes and all manner of things for over 400 years (well, not these two specific horses!).


EDITOR'S PICK, betterphoto.com, September, 2010, Travel and Place

Shackleford Horsesshackleford banksnc