Dailies 2009-2010 A Year in the Life - Kara Stewart, Art in Photography
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Feb. 23, 2010


This stripe of in-focus area is driving me nuts. Seems like I have tried all the settings and combination of settings I know and I still can't get the whole darn thing in focus using macro.

George - not sure if your comment on my last daily was an invitation to speak further on the star ratings here as you and I have done. As I explained to you, personally, I'd much prefer a more meaningful use of the star ratings instead of getting and giving blanket 5 stars.

I'd learn more and grow more as a photographer if say, 2 stars were the fine, normal cool shot standard, and 4 shots the "Wow! Great shot - I love it!" standard. I'd save 5 stars for once in a blue moon when something REALLY hugely bowls me over. Just me, but I'd rather have that. But I know that some people (you, George!) would get ticked off if people started giving 2 and 3 star ratings for good shots. So I've been sticking to 4 stars and pretty much reserving 5 stars for the bowl-me-over type shots. Or for ones that evoke a strong emotion (like going to eat ice cream! :)

As far as the exif issues, I think I have it solved, thanks. Wrote pages about it and got help from folks on the challenges forum. Consensus is it is a bug in the Corel PSP X3 'upgrade' software.

Thanks for your comments and support! I am so enjoying being back and seeing everyone's amazing work!