Dailies 2009-2010 A Year in the Life - Kara Stewart, Art in Photography
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K-9 Bike Jogger First Time Trying It, Sunday, August 2, 2009

It worked! Very cool contraption. It has a quick release in case you want to use it as a leash, the bar on it keeps the dog safely away from the bike, and it has a spring in the bar, so there is give and the dog and biker don't pull each other and get hurt. A fabric leash part is at the end of the bar, which has a clip that you attach to the collar. Rode out just a short way to try it out and let Samson get used to it. It was great!

As for yesterday's daily, I know it could be a lot worse. At least I HAVE a job in this economy. And the thing that is still bugging me is that that shot should have been in b&w. Color has no place there. Yes, addictively perfectionistic on the photos. But apparently not on the English.

K9 Bike Joggerbikedogexercise