Dailies 2009-2010 A Year in the Life - Kara Stewart, Art in Photography
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September 1, 2010

Happy September everyone! Here is a quick snap of the other band of horses on Shackleford Banks. I know virtually nothing about horses, but the guide told us that this band's mare (I think she said there is a 'head' mare, rather like the alpha female in wolves) is a bit better at finding food and better nutrition that the other band. That mare in charge is the one who directs the rest of the band as to where to go to eat, etc. This band, as you can see, is also a little larger than the other band, which had just three horses. The brush here is just on the other side of the dunes from the beach, so it's not as if there is a long distance between this area and the area I photographed the other horses in.


Shackleford Horsesshackleford banks