2011 - Kara Stewart, Art in Photography
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October 9, 2011


This is another from the archives, that I am just now (years later) having a chance to get to! I took this on my trip to Cullowhee, NC a few years ago on an NCCAT (North Carolina Center for the Advancement of Teaching http://www.nccat.org) workshop. They gave us 35mms to work with for the time we were there, so this was taken with their 35 mm.

Today I played with that 35mm image, just fooling around with software. I liked the general idea of the original image, but the wheelbarrow of flowers just kind of blended in with the background of stone and wood, since they all have a lot of pattern and texture. So I just used it to play with today. I applied Topaz Adjust's Spicify filter, which plays up texture and color, and then burned the wood and stone in the background to darken it a bit so that the wheelbarrow stood out more. Not really happy with it, but hey, it was for play and practice! :)

Thanks for your comments this week on kids and dogs and Mandolin!

Oh! And check out my blog if you have a chance. The story winner, based on daily photog Janet McQueen's photo has been chosen! Great short story and great image, Janet! http://www.karastewartaip.blogspot.com/


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