2011 - Kara Stewart, Art in Photography
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Adirondack Chairs, texture

Almost at the end of my Kim Klassen Skinny Mini ecourse http://www.kimklassencafe.com ! This lesson was in how to use layers to make an almost black and white image and use a texture on it.

I don't like this image nearly as much as yesterday's (the weather vane), but it still gave me a valuable learning experience doing it.

Steps were: Adjustment layer of bw gradient map. Then repeated that to have 2 bw gradient map layers. Couldn't quite figure out why except to intensify the effect, but it turned out very handy later.

Then added a texture (Kim Klassen's history) with soft light blending mode. Added a levels adjustment layer to adjust the levels. Got stuck at this point since the image seemed very yellow toned. Added a color balance layer to try to take away some yellow, but no real success that looked decent.

And here is why the 2 bw gradient map layers came in handy - I then tried moving the texture layer to be sandwiched between the 2 bw gradient map layers. Voila! No more yellow cast to the image! The texture has a rather yellow cast to it, but by moving in between the bw layers, it was just right! Very interesting.

I then finished it off by adding a contrast adjustment layer to the top of the stack and bumping up the contrast so that it wasn't quite as washed out.

I do like this texture on this, especially at the top left of the yellow chair, but all in all not crazy about the image except as a learning piece.