2011 - Kara Stewart, Art in Photography
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July 31, 2011

Another one from the files today. This was from a 2007 visit to Jamestown. Ever feel like you have so many images in your files you haven't had time to process to your satisfaction yet that you could live off them for a year? Yep, that's me.

So trying to go through some of them and finish them instead of taking more and more and never getting to nearly all of them. Some may say this defeats the purpose of a photo a day, but on the other hand, I now know more post processing techniques as well as have seen and read about more photos than I did when I took so of these - so perhaps better prepared to finish the photos now. And I am learning each time I do it, each day I do it. In that sense, it is well earned the photo a day title.

In the sense that these dailies are a photo journal of my year - well, then maybe not so much! :)

I cropped this image, applied fairly minor levels/contrast/sharpness adjustments and then used a Topaz Adjust photo pop filter.

Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone!

UPDATE: EDITOR'S PICK, betterphoto.com, July 2011, Catch-All