2011 - Kara Stewart, Art in Photography
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October 1, 2011

Luke 6768

Thanks for all the bday wishes! What a nice thing to read all those wishes!

This image was actually taken last Tuesday, when my daughter brought Luke over. Big, bad Luke, or "Wukie", as we call him! He's not really bad. And not all that big. Around 80 lbs, maybe a bit less? He is supposedly a black labrador retriever and chow mix, and you can see some black on his tongue at the back, and when he is excited his tail almost makes a circle over his back, so maybe that is the chow part.

He is a really, really great dog. Excellent watchdog, but then loves people as long as we do. Smart young dog but not as much of a velcro dog as Samson is (which is good). He's independent and confident. Luke is also not a huge fan of water - so maybe that part and the independent part is more chow than lab.

Although I know my daughter will like this image just as it is (she goes to UNC CH and is a Tarheel) I'm thinking about messing with this photo to make the Tar Heels less noticeable (hey, you never know, some people may not be Tarheel fans!) on the collar. Maybe black and white? But I love that pink tongue. BW with SC on the tongue maybe . . . *scuttling off to experiment*....

having some trouble posting to fb with this one - but this one is today's daily!

UPDATE: Here is today's image in a bw version with selective color on the tongue: http://www.kdstewart.net/Whats-New/2011/15273048_BD3WrW#1508081050_NxfFVtL

And here it is all bw, no selective color: http://www.kdstewart.net/Whats-New/2011/15273048_BD3WrW#1508081676_tRXXtsd