2011 - Kara Stewart, Art in Photography
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savor . . .

Another homework assignment from Kim Klassen's ecourse. I'm finding it very helpful. Her site has tutorials, lots of textures, her blog, and she also gives various ecourses (Photoshop, etc.). I'm taking what she calls a 'skinnyminiecourse' - short duration. Her video lessons have been helpful because unlike a lot of tutorials I've tried to do, she doesn't assume you have a certain level of knowledge about photoshop or layers (which I definitely do not have).

At any rate, for today's homework, I played with layers and manipulating them a little and using various blending modes in them and adding text.

So this image ended up having 5 layers - background, then a screen blending mode layer to lighten it up a bit, then a color balance layer to warm it up. Then I did a hue/sat layer and a text layer.

I guess I am used to doing all of this on THE image, not on layers. The advantage to doing it in layers seems to be that you can then have more freedom and manipulation room with those adjustments. For instance, you can create a hue/sat layer then another layer and turn it on or off to see what each adjustment would look like (or not) on the image, and you can vary the placement of the images (effectively changing the order you do the adjustments in) which can change the look of the entire image. You could do this without layers, of course, but it would be a much more time consuming and bulky affair. It is easier to just turn on or off a layer to check progress or rearrange the order of the layers to see what would happen if you changed the order of the adjustments.

Duane, you could do these layers. I think you'd like it once you get the hang of it.

If you all want to check Kim Klassen's site out, it is http://www.kimklassencafe.com You can poke around for the courses and tutorials, blog, etc.