2011 - Kara Stewart, Art in Photography
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October 2, 2011

Luke SC 6768

So here is my experimentation on yesterday's shot of Luke. I used Topaz BW Effects Infrared, then used their Erase tool to bring back the color on his tongue (very fun tool!) since I just loved that big pink tongue hanging down. I also applied a quick spot of Dodge to the eye in shadow. Then back in CS5, I removed his UNC Tarheels collar so that there would be less distraction in the total image (same reasoning in turning the image bw - less distraction from the green grass).

It makes for a very different looking image than yesterday's. A little kitschy, maybe. Not sure.

Here is yesterday's color one: http://www.kdstewart.net/Whats-New/2011/15273048_BD3WrW#1506672555_ZHWPb5k

Here is the other variation of today's with no SC on the tongue: http://www.kdstewart.net/Whats-New/2011/15273048_BD3WrW#1508081676_tRXXtsd

What do you think? Which do you like best?


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