2011 - Kara Stewart, Art in Photography
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Pumps, bw sc texture

Thanks for the comments on the shot of the tunnel between the National Galleries of Art - I appreciate it! photofreak, I do seem to remember something about the light patterns being created as art. I don't remember the 'temporary' part, but it was a few years ago! I'm just glad I was there to capture it since it apparently was temporary!

Another practice with layers and textures today using an old shot. Still trying to learn layers and how to incorporate textures from Kim Klassen's Skinny mini ecourse http://www.kimklassencafe.com. I'm a few days behind in my homework and lessons, so thank goodness it is self-paced!

For this image, I made a black and white adjustment layer, then brushed out portions of it with low opacity to have some of the color of certain areas show through (the pumps). Then I did a levels adjustment layer. Then I added a texture layer (Kim Klassen's celebration texture) with the blending mode set to multiply 100% opacity. I tried a few different textures before settling on this one - it was a little frustrating to try all different blending modes and opacities on various textures then not like the result and have to start over with another texture.

On the last layer, I did a screen blending mode set to 15% opacity.

I think it's kind of funny/ironic that the result looks like an old, damaged photograph that we would now take somewhere (or to someone like me!) to have restored to get rid of the grunge and cracks in it! Is that like when teenagers insist on getting new jeans that already have tears and holes in them?

Here's a link to the purely bw image (I think taken in 2006?) with no texture, layers or anything else fancy. http://www.kdstewart.net/Awards-and-Honors/Awards-Honors/9112285_xztvd#620404264_8nHri

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!