2011 - Kara Stewart, Art in Photography
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July 30, 2011

A shot from the beautiful North Carolina mountains, taken in 2008 while I was attending an NCCAT (NC Center for Advancement of Teaching) session. The mountains and facility were gorgeous and that NCCAT exists to further the education of teachers is/was phenomenal. It has now been hit (50% cut) in budget hard by NC's budget and stand on education issues - I think NC is now 48th or 49th in per pupil spending in education. Says a lot for NC's priority on education in our nation of 50 states - zip, zilch, nada, nothing.

But I thought in this spell of record heat, it would be nice to post an image of the beauty of the lush mountains in western NC (Cullowhee).

Thanks for identifying the Eyed Click Beetle for those who did! Much appreciated. Sorry I haven't commented in the last few days, but been massively busy creating a new gallery on zazzle.

For more info on NCCAT: http://www.nccat.org/s/1099/start.aspx

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