Awards and Honors - Kara Stewart, Art in Photography
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Dreamer 2

Cover Art for American Indian Women of Proud Nations Conference, Sept. 15-16, 2011.
I am very honored to have been chosen as the cover artist for the 2011 American Indian Women of Proud Nations Conference!
Dreamer 2 was chosen as an image "...that provokes us to question our own cultural and social stereotypes, to dream of things we may not have thought possible, to break ground and to be agents of change as contemporary indigenous women, both within ourselves and in our communities."

The conference booklet write up goes on to state, "In addition to being a technologically progressive artist, educator and mother, Ms. Stewart also serves in various leadership capacities, including as a Sappony Tribal Council member. Ms. Stewart is a largely self-trained photographer, specializing in abstract, nature, black and white and pet images. She enjoys using photo software to create unique designs, patterns and images and often incorporates natural objects in her work. Dreamer 2 was created from an image of a woman's profile using Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2. Ms. Stewart feels the only limit in digital art is your imagination."

I am so grateful to the conference hosts, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's American Indian Center, and to the conference advisory committee for selecting me as the cover artist for this conference.

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